A Long Time Ago

It has been quite some time since I last posted on my site… It was on my birthday last year to be exact… What have I been doing?

I have been busy with my online work… saving for the upcoming family reunion last December 2011 in Mindanao… Will share some pics later…

There has been lots of reunions with former high school batchmates that December as well… I will try to share pictures of it as well…

My facebook is updated of my whereabouts though 🙂

I may not be updated with my blog but I surely am still writing for other people… call me a ghost writer for my employers 🙂

March 2012 was a busy time for my family… 2 kids graduated from elementary and college respectively. The other kid was an honor student so we attended his recognition day.

We were out of the country on the last week of April.

My second child is an incoming highschool or grade 7 student in a new school. So we kind of prepared for that this May. We taught him how to commute to and from school and house. It was a success!!!


Author: Bai Tender

Has worked as Executive Assistant to the President of different companies in the corporate world. Currently working as Virtual Assistant to foreign clients. Loving the flexibility of working from home while taking care of the family.

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