Update Needed

Yes I surely need to update my blog on a regular basis.

What keeps me busy? Still the same things…

Well as a wife and mom of 3 kids I sure am busy with taking care of my family. You all know by now that mom’s work is 24/7, right?

And I’ve still got my hands full on my online job as virtual assistant. My employers have been adding more tasks to me lately. I surely thank God for that. I’ve been doing blog commenting in behalf of my employer. He really thinks I’m good at it.

And because I have been reading a lot of others’ blogs lately I have been having a lot of ideas for my own blog as well. I want to develop this into something more. I want to share my passion with my readers. (If only I had readers… well I know I have one iGameMom who liked one of my posts – Thanks)

With more time management I will get to that… you’ll see.

Do you have a busy schedule too? Share it with me on the comments form šŸ™‚


Author: Bai Tender

Has worked as Executive Assistant to the President of different companies in the corporate world. Currently working as Virtual Assistant to foreign clients. Loving the flexibility of working from home while taking care of the family.

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