Boracay Vacation 2015

Summer vacation in the Philippines is April to May. Regular classes are on vacation except for those few schools which just recently changed their academic year from June to March to August to May.

Vacation Destinations

Our family loves to go on simple outings. The usual getaway is the beach. We’ve been to some beaches in Cavite and Batangas which we can travel by land for an hour or so. We have also been to the summer capital of the Philippines – Baguio. It has a cool climate all year round. We’ve also been to Subic in Zambales as well as Puerto Galera in Mindoro.

Boat Ride Adventure

Boracay_boat_rideThis year we went to Boracay. You can usually go there by plane but we opted for an extra adventure – we went through boat. We parked our car in the Batangas port. The boat ride was around 9 hours. Going to Boracay from Batangas was an overnight stay. While Boracay to Batangas was a day trip.

We’re a family of 5 so we stayed in the cabin. The cabin was good for 4. My hubby bought a ticket for another class but stayed in the cabin the whole time. We just paid extra so he can eat with us. There was a restaurant for the cabin passengers.

You won’t go direct to Boracay island. The boat’s destination is Caticlan, 15 minutes ferry ride away from Boracay. So once we arrived in Caticlan port we went out and went into another port area for the ferry ride to Boracay. From Boracay port we rode a multicab that led us to the area of the apartelle that we rented in Station 2. Boracay had these areas such as Station 1, 2 and 3.

Love Boracay

Boracay is a regular community island. All the while I thought it was just the beach and the sand plus the hotels and restaurants. But of course tourist stay in hotels or apartelles near the beach and don’t usually need to go out to see the entire island. Everything you need is on the beach front area.

We stayed in Boracay for 3 nights. The shallow part of the water had moss. They say that it’s there every summer time. But once you pass that part the water is clear. You can see fishes around even when  you just take a closer look and without goggles. The sand is very soft. Your feet sinks in it.

At night there were fire dancers on some restaurants by the beach.  It was a busy place whether in daytime or nighttime. There were lots of restaurants which we commonly see in the city. We opted for going to market to buy what we want to eat and have the caretaker of the apartelle cook for us however we want it for a fee. They also cleaned the dishes and dining area which made it convenient for us.

On our second day we rode the banana boat and we did parasailing. We’ve already tried the banana boat before in Puerto Galera where we were thrown out of the boat 2x. This time in Boracay there has been a new rule that they are not allowed to throw out the passengers anymore for safety purposes.



As for the parasailing, our 3 kids went ahead of us. They were natural adventurers. My hubby and I love to see our kids experience these things at an early age. It was our first time to do this. It was such a breathtaking experience to be up there even for just 15  minutes.



On our last night I was able to experience the Boracay massage that everyone says is very good. Indeed, it was! I was able to sleep very comfortably. Ready for the next day’s travel.

Hopefully we’ll be able to go back to Boracay on another summer. Or probably another beach destination next year. I’m thankful that my family is able to do these things. It may not be too much for others but it is enough for us.

Family vacations are the best! To our next vacation 🙂


Author: Bai Tender

Has worked as Executive Assistant to the President of different companies in the corporate world. Currently working as Virtual Assistant to foreign clients. Loving the flexibility of working from home while taking care of the family.

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