Getting Organized!

I love browsing websites that talk about organizing the home. Around last year I started on Pinterest and fell for organizing tips. Seeing images of how to organize different stuff made it more appealing for me.

I thought about writing my own ways of organizing things at home, it took me a while to do so but here I am. This will probably be a series of articles that focus on some organizing tips that I personally do or some things that I saw that interests me and will probably try to do. That is the best word to put it – try 🙂

First, I am not a very organized person. Well, I say that but my family thinks I am. I don’t think I’ve perfected the organized way of life. For them, the way I keep things in its proper places is already organization. For me, it’s just keeping things tidy … for a while.

We’ll start with the organized clothes cabinet.

I try to keep the clothes cabinet in good order. We don’t have a walk-in closet that houses all our clothes, shoes, bags, accessories. We have a cabinet for the clothes and the shoes, separately. We have hooks for the bags and shelves for accessories.

The shirts are separated for sleeping, daily wear at home and for outdoor. Jogging pants and shorts go together. Underwears, hankies and socks are in separate bins. Office or outdoor blouses, polos and pants are hung. This way we know where to get what clothes to use for the moment and where to put clothes after laundry.

I know others organize their clothes by color coding. They have a big closet that’s why they can do that.

I have young boys and I always start organizing their cabinet and have them maintain it. They share one cabinet so we need to divide it equally so they know where their clothes belong. I say that they can keep things in proper order for at least a week or two. My eldest daughter already has a well-kept cabinet. Problem is she’s got lots of clothes and most are not used for a long time. This we’ve got to fix J

The shoe cabinet has 5 layers for 5 of us. But this doesn’t fit all our shoes anymore. My daughter and I have shoes under our beds… those used occasionally. The boys have big rubber shoes that  don’t fit in as well. For this we need to build another storage. This will be a project to start soon.

The boys and I don’t have much accessories. I’m not very fond of these little stuff but my daughter is. She’s got lots of bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, watches, shades, headbands, and all these other cute little things and she’s got some baskets to keep them together. I guide her on what she can do to keep all of her stuff and not be an eye sore in her room.

We’ve got lots of bags. We dispose our least loved or most used by sending to family and friends who might need these. But reality is that we purchase new bags once we’ve given to others. There’s a bag for ordinary days, for errands, for grocery, for day shopping, for occasions, for outings and whatever activities we can think of. We have wooden pegs on the wall to hang our bags.

As of writing, I need to do some organizing again before I can take a picture of our cabinets. Next week is already the start of classes and I’ve been busy with so many things preparing for the coming school year 🙂


Author: Bai Tender

Has worked as Executive Assistant to the President of different companies in the corporate world. Currently working as Virtual Assistant to foreign clients. Loving the flexibility of working from home while taking care of the family.

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