End of Ramadhan Celebration

Eid Mubarak (Blessed celebration) to all the Muslims everywhere! Eidl Fitr or Festival of Breaking of the Fast is on July 6, 2016. This ends the muslims’ obligatory month long fasting during the month of Ramadhan.

Have I mentioned I am a Muslim?

Oh yes, I am.

Born to muslim parents, dad from Cotabato City and mom from Marawi City, a combination of basically Maguindanao and Maranao in my blood plus a whole lot more including Arab & German. Dad is a Datu and mom is a Bai which makes me a product of a Royal Family.

Wondering about my head veil or hijab?

I use it from time to time. I know I should use it all the time but then I wasn’t raised to do it and still struggling with it at times. I compensate for the lack of hijab by wearing clothes in modesty… properly covering my body without need to show cleavage or legs.

Muslim couple

My husband is a Balik Islam or Revert.

We prefer to call those who convert to Islam as Reverts because it is said that everyone is born a muslim until their parents make them Christians, Jews or any other religion. So when people become a muslim again they revert back to their original religion when they were born.

Our kids are all Muslims.

Filipino Muslim family

We believe that there is only One God and that is Allah and Prophet Muhamad is the Messenger of Allah. We pray the obligatory prayers as much as we can, these are 5 every day. We fast during the month of Ramadhan which lasts from 29-30 days eating suhoor before Fajr prayer around 4am and then taking nothing the whole day except when the sun sets for Maghrib prayer around 6:30pm. My husband, eldest daughter and I have gone to the holy place in Makkah to perform Hajj or pilgrimage. We stayed in Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the late 90’s. We give Zakat or alms to the less fortunate, first to our families then to the community. I’ve mentioned the 5 Pillars of Islam and Alhamdullillaah (All the praises and thanks are for Allah) that we are able to perform these acts.

Real Muslims are Peace-Loving People

Nowadays when you talk about Muslims, most people’s first impression is Terrorists. This is a label we abhor. We are as civilized as anyone could be. Becoming a terrorist doesn’t need a religion. They have their own set of beliefs… far different from what the Quran (Holy book) really teaches us as well as the Sunnah (Ways) of the Prophet Muhamad. Regardless of what others say, I suggest you find a Muslim friend and see for yourself.

And by the way, we may be Muslims but we don’t represent Islam as a whole. We are just human beings capable of doing mistakes and sinning. Do not judge Islam by what you see in us. We are struggling to perfect our deen (faith) and we hope to be successful but until then we are just like the rest of you… always trying our best to please the Creator.

I hope I have enlightened you in one way or the other about my religion. Today is the last day of fasting in this holy month of Ramadhan. Tomorrow we will spend Eidl Fitr with the rest of the family. Have a great day everyone!


Author: Bai Tender

Has worked as Executive Assistant to the President of different companies in the corporate world. Currently working as Virtual Assistant to foreign clients. Loving the flexibility of working from home while taking care of the family.

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