Nearly December Again

December Gift Giving

Christmas Season

We’re almost halfway through the so-called Ber months. Here in the Philippines, Christmas lasts longer as Christmas trees and decorations are put up at home as early as September. We are Muslims and we don’t celebrate Christmas but we can’t help but feel the happiness this season brings.

Season of Giving

This is known as a Season of Giving. Gifts are now being bought by most people who have money to spend as early as now. Most employees will receive company bonuses or 13th month pay by end of November till December so expect some Christmas shopping rush around mid-December. It’s not just the upscale malls that will have lots of patronizers but even markets and  bazaars will be full especially come November.

The Best Time to Shop

Store owners say it is best to shop in the bazaars now when the price is still lower compared to when Christmas time is nearing. I’ve experienced this last year, bought a couple of blankets as gift to kids. When I went to Divisoria in October it was just P150 each but when I came back in December to buy more I already got it for P180-200 each. There was no way I could get it for P150 as there were lots of buyers already.

So, are you ready to shop?

Let’s put on our most comfy clothes and shoes as we spend the whole day shopping in malls or bazaars, wherever we prefer. Bring your family and friends for a fun-filled shopping day and so someone can help you with your baggage too. Don’t forget your list of ‘To Buy’ so you won’t forget anyone on your ‘Gift List’. When you shop now, there’s still more time for you to go back to do some more shopping when you need it… I’m quite sure you will…  And thank you in advance!


Author: Bai Tender

Has worked as Executive Assistant to the President of different companies in the corporate world. Currently working as Virtual Assistant to foreign clients. Loving the flexibility of working from home while taking care of the family.

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