I am Tender

Don’t be confused with my name. It really is me. My closest friends and family call me by that name ever since I can remember. And I haven’t known anybody who has the same name as mine.

My blog

These may be my stories but surely you can relate to it.

My status

I’m a mom of 3 kids and a wife to an IT manager who happens to be my elementary classmate. We married at a very young age.

My work

I used to work as Executive/Administrative Assistant to the President of different companies in the real corporate world. I got in and out of my jobs because I had to put balance in my work and family life. There were times when my kids had to be taken cared of by me personally.

I last resigned from the corporate world in 2009 and do not know if I still want to come back. I am into the virtual world right now working as Virtual Assistant and Article Writer to foreign clients. (2016 Edit: The corporate world is a far idea for me now. Having worked for 6 years in the virtual world, this gives me the satisfaction as an income earning mom who still manages to take care of the family.)

I am also a co-founder of a small business selling native shoes and sandals from Laguna that is sold through Facebook and to friends and family. We also sell other stuff such as accessories, toys, etc. Our group is called M.O.M.S. which stands for Most Of My Stuff simply because we buy the same stuff that we sell. (2016 Edit: We have gone our own ways, busy with our own ventures.)

My future

Nobody knows what the future brings but I sure do have plans. Since I’m already in the virtual world and have started blogging I want to learn how to earn income online through websites. Aside from being an employee I want to get into business in the online world. (2016 Edit: This has not been put to action yet.)