Update Needed

Yes I surely need to update my blog on a regular basis.

What keeps me busy? Still the same things…

Well as a wife and mom of 3 kids I sure am busy with taking care of my family. You all know by now that mom’s work is 24/7, right?

And I’ve still got my hands full on my online job as virtual assistant. My employers have been adding more tasks to me lately. I surely thank God for that. I’ve been doing blog commenting in behalf of my employer. He really thinks I’m good at it.

And because I have been reading a lot of others’ blogs lately I have been having a lot of ideas for my own blog as well. I want to develop this into something more. I want to share my passion with my readers. (If only I had readers… well I know I have one iGameMom who liked one of my posts – Thanks)

With more time management I will get to that… you’ll see.

Do you have a busy schedule too? Share it with me on the comments form πŸ™‚


A Long Time Ago

It has been quite some time since I last posted on my site… It was on my birthday last year to be exact… What have I been doing?

I have been busy with my online work… saving for the upcoming family reunion last December 2011 in Mindanao… Will share some pics later…

There has been lots of reunions with former high school batchmates that December as well…Β I will try to share pictures of it as well…

My facebook is updated of my whereabouts though πŸ™‚

I may not be updated with my blog but I surely am still writing for other people… call me a ghost writer for my employers πŸ™‚

March 2012 was a busy time for my family… 2 kids graduated from elementary and college respectively. The other kid was an honor student so we attended his recognition day.

We were out of the country on the last week of April.

My second child is an incoming highschool or grade 7 student in a new school. So we kind of prepared for that this May. We taught him how to commute to and from school and house. It was a success!!!

My birthday

Today is Aug. 5… today is my birthday…

Normal day… kids are in school… hubby is in office… I’m working at home… Lots of greetings in FacebookΒ and cellphone…

We’ll go out later tonight… Always looking forward to happy times with my family…

Later that night… dinner, strolling, live band at Island Cove πŸ™‚

my family on my birthday

Harry Potter and Ayah

Ayah or Fareed Alyahna, my eldest child, practically grew up with the Harry Potter stars…

We first watched HP 1 when she was only 9 years old. Jameel was only a year old so he wasn’t with us yet. We watched it on the very 1st day of showing. We were seated on the very 1st row. It wasn’t guaranteed seats yet so there were people sitting on the floors, in between aisles, standing on the sides, etc.

We both loved that movie… Then I started buying the books… I have a complete collection… I named it all after Ayah because I want her to take possession of it when she’s old enough… I want all my kids to love reading books the same way I do…

For the following Harry Potter movies it was usually just Ayah, me and her dad who watched it. My boys were still small then. We usually watched on the 1st week of showing if not on the first day.

We even allowed Ayah to commute w/ cousin Dona just so she can meet us in Megamall (where my hubby & my office are near) and watch a HP movie there.

Eventually my boys grew older and they would not want to miss the chance of watching HP in the big screen too. My hubby & I would come home from the office as early as we could so we could watch HP on a Friday night. It became our much awaited family movie time.Β We’ve upgraded a little bit. We watched HP 7 Parts 1 & 2 in IMAX πŸ˜€

And now the HP series has ended. Ayah is already turning 19… and she’s always looking forward to watching the Twilight movies with me … but that’s another story πŸ˜€

I Love Online Work

I love online work

I don’t experience the hassle of commuting w/ or w/o a car, no traffic, no problem w/ storms… no waiting for suspension of work…

I can cuddle on the sofa or the bed w/ my laptop or I can decide to take a nap & get back to work when I’m ready… I can still FB, chat or talk w/ family & friends w/ no boss or jealous colleagues watching over me…

I can still take care of my kids, prepare what they need, be there when they need me…

All this I can do as long as I can produce results that my employer wants at the end of the day… Talk about flexibility πŸ˜€

Although I don’t have a holiday… the rule still stays as long as I can produce results for the day or the week depending on the work… I have learned the art of time management & being organized when I was still working in the real world & even with household chores… I’m making use of time management now πŸ˜€

I hope that my sisters & other family members who want to enter the online work force can find a job that will suit them… and my friends too… My new friends are getting interested in my kind of work as well… I hope we’ll all be successful in all our endeavors πŸ˜€

Thanks to Odesk!!!