Who I am and Why I’m Here?

Wordpress_Blogging101This is kind of late in response to Blogging 101 assignments… but better late than never 🙂

When I was still young and in school I used to represent my class/school in essay writing contests. I won in some of those too.

I worked as Executive Assistant to the President/Owner of different companies and one of my tasks was writing business letters and memo. My employers commended me for my writings.

Now that I have a family, I help my kids with their homework and it shows that I have a passion for writing. But due to work and family I couldn’t pursue this on a serious level, hence the birth of this blog some time ago.

As you can see, I don’t write articles much. This has been a neglected passion so to speak. I always have it in mind but I fail to do it due to other “more important” tasks.

And I believe that when you love to write it comes with the love to read!!!

Why a public blog when I can just write on my personal journal?

Well, I am working as a Virtual Assistant since 2010 and one of the tasks given to me is to post blogs on WordPress and edit stuff. The instructions were given to me. So I felt like I wanted to create my own blog to be able to explore more. I also want to write stories worth sharing with my family and friends and other people as well.

Also, working for an employer who is into online marketing, I hope to one day earn passive income from this blog or another one as this one is more on the personal side. Who knows where this blogging might evolve, right? If only I could put more time into this 🙂

More Things I Want to Pursue

There are some things I want to pursue aside from blogging that I still have not had the time to work on. I want to learn photography (I have a Canon DSLR since 2011 but have not put it to serious photography).

I also want to learn how to bake (I love seeing friends create wonderful cakes). But first I need to make a wise decision in buying an oven.

I am also into interior design. When browsing Pinterest I first visit Home Decors. I believe I am a frustrated interior designer but in the online world today who needs to study the course when you can just browse and have lots of ideas, right? I put those ideas into reality especially that I have my own home that I can renovate as I wish (provided that we have the means for it).

Plans for This Blog

So this blog will feature many topics from parenting, work from home, pets, friends and all things under the sun.

I’d like to thank #Wordpress #Blogging101 for giving me the push in writing again after almost a year.


New Year and the Virtual Assistant Mom

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

It’s been so long since I last wrote on my blog. Anyway, I started my blog the same time I was starting to work for other employers online. I learned about WordPress from one of my first employers and since I loved writing (if only I had the time to seriously do this) I decided to open an account.

Here we are now in 2014, more than 3 years after I first worked online. Glad to say that I have stayed with one of my first employers who also started his online business the same time I was. We were meant to be together in the online world 🙂

He goes up and down the ladder still searching for his own place in the world wide web. I was there for him, while he was still a nobody, when nobody knew him, when his business model was seriously hit by the latest Google algorithms, when he never quit searching and learning and modifying his strategies and never letting go of his dreams to conquer the now known digital marketing world. Great lessons I learned from him, right?

And I can say that we’re still strong together. He never fails to show appreciation of whatever work I’ve done for him. I know how to follow instructions quite well and good. I’m a fast learner and absolutely not a dumb girl at all. I would say that a dumb, slow learner does not have a place to work in the online world. The employers working at the other side of the world is asleep while you are working and when he awakes he expects that you’ve done a good job, if not excellent, on the tasks he gave to you. You can’t go back and forth with instructions and questions all the time. An instruction given today and a question you have will be answered tomorrow and then you’ll work on it the next day. That’s 2 days loss for your employer.

Moving on, I’ve been working for 1 year and a half with another employer who also owns a blog and that’s her part in the online world. Probably just like me, she wants to share her thoughts on things that she’s read on the web or experiences that she’s had. She has other businesses but not focused online. I still need to remind her to please post a blog so that her site still gets traffic. (I wonder why I don’t remind myself as well? 🙂 )

And then a year has passed working for another employer who’s based in the land down under. Wasn’t my first time to work with an Australian but I should say I love working with her. She’s a perfectionist… and so am I. We both want things done to the best of our abilities. We can’t just say that this is okay. Everything needs to be well done. And yes, she appreciates my work and has given me more tasks after she has learned to trust me. I’m like her Executive Assistant in the real corporate world. She calls me and introduces me to her colleagues and staff as her Primary VA. Sounds like an autobot to me 🙂

And one great thing about her trust in me is that I have referred a friend and a sister to work for her too and she has accepted since I vouched for them. So far so good. I make sure that my referrals are doing their work properly and as expected. Haven’t heard any problem about them yet.

So with a husband and 3 kids to take care of, household chores to do daily, friends and other family members to spend time with and an online work to do, I’d like to end this on a happy note… I am by all means not just an assistant but a manager. I manage all these things and a lot more on the side not with great ease but with strength and determination. And I feel a sense of fulfillment doing all this.

I thank God almighty for all the blessings that He has given me and may He always guide me to the right path and continue to give me happiness and success in all the aspects of my life – family, home, personal, work. Amen.

Update Needed

Yes I surely need to update my blog on a regular basis.

What keeps me busy? Still the same things…

Well as a wife and mom of 3 kids I sure am busy with taking care of my family. You all know by now that mom’s work is 24/7, right?

And I’ve still got my hands full on my online job as virtual assistant. My employers have been adding more tasks to me lately. I surely thank God for that. I’ve been doing blog commenting in behalf of my employer. He really thinks I’m good at it.

And because I have been reading a lot of others’ blogs lately I have been having a lot of ideas for my own blog as well. I want to develop this into something more. I want to share my passion with my readers. (If only I had readers… well I know I have one iGameMom who liked one of my posts – Thanks)

With more time management I will get to that… you’ll see.

Do you have a busy schedule too? Share it with me on the comments form 🙂